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Hello, and thank you for visiting my web site! I am an Arizona licensed insurance agent and Long Term Care Specialist with ACSIA Partners, representing major insurance carriers in the long term care field, many of which are represented below.

Is long term care insurance right for you? Here you'll find some basic information to help answer that question. If you decide you want to know more, I will gladly talk to you myself about long term care and long term care insurance. You can reach me by email or telephone, and my contact information is on the left. I would be happy to make an appointment to come to your home to go over all your options. That is the best way to thoroughly review all the choices available and all the issues involved. The in-person appointment usually takes only about an hour. I will answer all your questions, and there is no obligation. If you decide to obtain long term care insurance coverage, I would be able to assist you at that time.

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This web site covers some of the basics of long term care insurance. But I know you will have many questions, so when you are ready to find out more, please contact me at the telephone number or email address above.